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The absolute permeability!

Lately, there have been a clear trend within cross-country enthusiasts that started to lean towards using wide-profile low pressure tires. Modern manufacturers such as “AVTOROS” massively produce such tires assuring high quality and performance. The tires ensure adjustable yet low pressure of gas inside which leads to covering a wider contact area between tires and terrain.


In order to purchase tires for cross-country driving for NIVA, UAZ, GAS-66,Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi you need to know technical characteristics of compatible tires. The list of dimensions in inches usually consists of:

  • Tire diameter;
  • Tire width;
  • Rim diameter.


Low pressure tires have a couple of distinct advantages compared to regular tires:

  • Increasing off-road performance of vehicles by 20%;
  • Reduce terrain hardening when used on agricultural machinery;
  • Light tires with wider protector improve grip;
  • Low pressure tires significantly improve floating capabilities of a vehicle;


While these tires have undeniable advantages, there quite some specifics that you need to consider. For those who choose to purchase low pressure tires or equip your cross-country vehicle with used tires we have a couple of useful tips:

  • Low pressure tires significantly reduce vehicle’s top speed;
  • Low pressure tires for UAZ or NIVA will wear much faster than your normal tires especially when moving on concrete or asphalt roads;
  • You need to accelerate and brake as softly as possible;
  • You need to make turns as wide as possible as tire sides can deform quickly under heavy load.


Our company manufactures and distributes cross-country vehicles, but also provides a wide range of low pressure tires for a plethora of vehicles like NIVA, UAZ, GAS 66, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi and others. Our tires are high quality products that can resist wearing well enough to serve you for a long period of time. AVTOROS provides us with the best deals and you can expect frequent promotions and prizes!

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