History of the company

The foundation of a unique all-terrain vehicle manufacturing company begins with an interesting story that took place back in 1997.


On September 13, 1997, an outstanding event took place: the AUTODOM company and the Land Rover Defender-90 serial car, as well as eight crew members climbed the highest peak in Europe - ELBRUS and conquered a height of 5621 m. However, during the descent the safety rope broke off and an empty car fell down over a cliff ... This story is still passed on by word of mouth by tourists who came to visit Mount Elbrus.

From this accident begins the history of the company, but also there will be a temporary break of 8 years, until the moment when several founders met and decided to create a completely new modern all-terrain vehicle.


The year when the development of the ATV future concept started.

Work began with sketches and search of solutions, as well as the development of technical specifications.

Along with that the work on the design of our own low-pressure tire began, the tire which would be distinguished by high performance, as well as the original tread pattern.


For the first time a prototype chassis of a future all-terrain vehicle with a 6x6 wheel arrangement was introduced.

The first prototype had an on-board transmission arrangement. Long tests and improvements of the chassis were coming.

For the presentation of the first prototype, the company released its first low-pressure tire model - AVTOROS X-TRIM with a load index of 90 (two-layer).


The first prototype of an ATV in a duralumin body with a 6x6 wheel arrangement has been released.

The main task of this prototype was to pass the endurance tests of the chassis in different climatic zones.

By this time the ATV already has an original transfer box and original AVTOROS tires on their own lightweight alloy 19x21 inches wheels.


The company's own development and technical research were running full and in autumn 2008 the first prototype all-terrain vehicle with an 8x8 wheel arrangement with a body made of composite materials was presented at the International Automobile Salon in Moscow.

Considering the test results we decided to dwell on the option of the eight-wheel formula of the ATV.

In autumn 2008 the group of automobile media journalists carried out first comparative tests with the Swedish tracked all-terrain vehicle "Los" at the Bronnitsky training ground and Shatura swamps.


For further winter tests in Siberia the first aluminum body of an ATV with an 8x8 wheel arrangement was made. Russian diesel engine ZMZ-514 ane electro-hydraulic steering of all wheels were installed.

Winter tests showed the need to install a more powerful and reliable diesel engine.

We started to study the possibility of installing the Italian IVECO F1C engine, which was suitable due to its power and weight characteristics.


Development and installation of a hydraulic drive for a screw propeller.
The main aim of it was to design and implement a quick-detachable module, which would make it possible to achieve water speeds of up to 6 km \ h.
Tightness tests of the all-terrain vehicle and the supporting frame were carried out.
Start of designing the pre-production all-terrain vehicle steel body.


Development and implementation of a steering system in an all-terrain vehicle. The beginning of the design of a fundamentally new fiberglass interior of an all-terrain vehicle with options for changing the layout of the internal space. Preparation of production for the further release of the first prototypes of an all-terrain vehicle.

Start of work on the naming of the future pre-production all-terrain vehicle.


During the International Automobile Salon in Moscow, an updated all-terrain vehicle was presented, it has a new chassis, built on an axle scheme, and a modern ergonomic interior and exterior. The new all-terrain vehicle was endowed with special abilities and it was given the name of “SHAMAN”.

Start of designing a new AVTOROS MAX-TRIM tire with a size of 1300-700-21LT to expand our own range of tires, and to use it on our own equipment.


The updated all-terrain vehicle "SHAMAN" with a new steering system, a tire inflation system, made in the shape of membrane keyboards, passed the first winter trials and tests, carried out by the journalists. Also the tests of new components and assemblies of our own development and production were organized.

Start of sales of the first prototypes of the “SHAMAN” all-terrain vehicle.
We started to prepare for our own plastic composite production and implementation. And started a serial production of a new AVTOROS MAX-TRIM tire with a size of 1300-700-21LT.

“AVTOROS” company held the first season of the contest “Tire to Everyone” to support those who make the ATVs with their own hands. The main aim of the contest was to support the enthusiasts who assembled the ATVs for their own use and on their own limited budget. The main prize was a set of tires AVTOROS X-TRIM.

This year, the first “MYL” all-terrain vehicles were launched on the basis of a two-row Gazelle-Business model with a Cummins diesel engine, with GAZ-66 axles and an original transfer case.


Using the operational statistics of the first prototypes we continue to develop and improve SHAMAN’s transmission. We also purchased new modern equipment for equipping metalworking and welding sections of the company.

We started designing a new AVTOROS M-TRIM tire with the size of 900-450-18LT. The main target audience of this model were the users of light off-road vehicles and SUVs of various models. The new model combined the popular AVTOROS X-TRIM tire pattern and the best performance statistics from previous tire models.

The first model of the AVTOROS X-TRIM tire was modernized: a side lug and rounding radius of the tread base appeared.

We held the second season of the competition "TIRE to EVERYONE" for do-it-yourselfers. The comments and wishes of the previous season of the competition were taken into account. The main prize that time was the AVTOROS MAX-TRIM tire set.


The volume of production of "SHAMAN" and "MYL" ATVs was increasing. Journalists from the English monthly automobile magazine TOP GEAR carried out the tests of “SHAMAN” and published the article about it in the anniversary issue of TOP GEAR magazine dedicated to the cars of James Bond.

Start of serial production of AVTOROS M-TRIM tire with the size of 900-450-18LT, the superb performance and quality of these tires for SUVs were confirmed.

“AVTOROS” launched a new website and an online store for the customers.

We held the third season of the contest “Tires for Everyone” for the ATV makers. We worked out the new regulation and the scheme of voting and choosing the winners of the contest. We increased the prize fund - added two sets of AVTOROS M-TRIM tires to a set of AVTOROS MAX-TRIM tires. During the OFF-ROAD SHOW exhibition AVTOROS held a ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest. “AVTOROS” purchased the essential items for the baby orphanage of the Konakovo district with the money raised from the contest.


In 2016, “AVTOROS” together with the specialists of the MES, created a special version of the “Shaman-ARKTICSPAS” all-terrain vehicle for operation in the Far North. Unlike the standard serial all-terrain vehicles, the new one had a set of special rescue equipment and devices, as well as additional options for working at extremely low temperatures.

The new model of AVTOROS M-TRIM tire, with the size of 900-450-18LT, had been gaining its popularity and had been widely used by numerous fans of SUVs. As a result of year-round tests, the tire was able to confidently compete with imported models of the off-road tires.

In 2016, the first sales of “Shaman” abroad took place, and numerous foreign companies showed great interest in all-terrain vehicles at the “International Automobile Salon - 2016” and “Importozameshenie-2016” exhibitions. “AVTOROS” has begun to prepare for future international contracts.

We held the fourth season of the contest “Tire to Everyone” for SUV fans and makers. There were more and more participants in the “off-road” class. There were more presents and prizes for the participants in the new season. The money collected by the SMS voting was used to purchase goods for the baby orphanage of the Konakovo district of the Tver region.

At the end of the year, AVTOROS rightfully received the award of the national business rating "Leader of Russia 2016".


In 2017, a historic event took place in Russian engineering. For the first and the only time, the all-terrain vehicle "Shaman" was honored to light up in the world's most popular car TV-show TOP GEAR BBC (Great Britain). In the 24th episode of the 7th season, the TOP GEAR broadcasts spoke in detail and tested the all-terrain vehicle on the Isle of Man (England). European customers and journalists were delighted with the design and the functionality of the civilian all-terrain vehicle manufactured in Russia.

In spring 2017 the Russian all-terrain vehicle "Shaman" was invited to meet Russian cosmonauts in Kazakhstan. For this event, a special version of “Shaman” - "Roskosmos" was produced.

And in autumn 2017, “AVTOROS” conducted special tests of an all-terrain vehicle in Ankara (Turkey) for government agencies of the Republic of Turkey and private customers.

At the end of 2017, AVTOROS signed a memorandum with the leasing company VEB-leasing and started to offer the sale of equipment on lease for its potential customers.


This year we obtained the required certificates of the European standard for off-road tires AVTOROS MX-TRIM and AVTOROS M-TRIM. These are the only low-pressure tires in Russia that have passed all the tests and received this certificate.

The “AVTOROS” crew and the “SHAMAN” ATV took part in the rescue operation of the “Soyuz MS-06” spacecraft. The “SHAMAN’s” task was to deliver the videographers of the Flight Control Center’s to the launch site to broadcast live video.

In September we launched a new tire - ROLLING STONE, with the size of 660/60-21LT. Due to the increased width and the outer diameter, it had the largest grip area.

“AVTOROS” organized and conducted an expedition - "North with no Barriers”. Within one month, 7 people covered almost 8,000 km (3,500 km off-road) on the all-terrain vehicle "SHAMAN". The route was: Tver - Arkhangelsk - Mezen - Kanin Nos - Naryan Mar - Arkhangelsk - Tver. There is a movie dedicated to this expedition.


We opened a representative office in Poland. “AVTOROS” signed a contract with "ATV Europe". Their store has a full range of “AVTOROS” low-pressure tires.

In November, the sci-fi movie "AVANPOST" was released, and the all-terrain vehicle "SHAMAN" participated in the shooting of this movie.

“AVTOROS” took part in the “Dubai Motor Show” international automobile exhibition, the all-terrain vehicle SHAMAN was presented at the booth. A contract for the supply of 12 units of equipment to the UAE was signed as a result of the exhibition. All-terrain vehicles, delivered under the export contract, differed from the standard versions for the Russian region, in particular, they had modified cooling and air conditioning systems. One of the first “SHAMAN”s for the OAE was delivered to the Dubai police.

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