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Absolute off-road passability

“AVTOROS” company, manufacturer of the all-terrain vehicles “SHAMAN” and MYL, has been manufacturing and selling low-pressure tires and aluminum wheels for more than 12 years. AVTOROS low-pressure tires are installed on all-terrain vehicles of our own production and other serial, home-made snow and swamp vehicles and SUVs. The quality of tires and wheels is time-tested and confirmed by the positive feedback from our customers throughout Russia.

Through many years of experience in the production of all-terrain vehicles and sales of low-pressure tires and AVTOROS wheels, our experts have selected and tested the best accessories that can be purchased in our online store.

Making a purchase in “AVTOROS” online store has never been easier. You just need to select the items that you need and send a request. In no time our managers will contact you and advise on all issues and place an order.

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