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The absolute permeability!

Over the past few years the owners of all-terrain vehicles and SUVs have been increasingly using low-pressure tires with a wide section. Many drivers also use tires with intentionally flattened tread (so called rip-off tires) on their all-terrain vehicles, not knowing about the existence of factory analogues. This type of wheel is characterized by low tire pressure, that provides increased traction due to the larger contact area. This significantly increases the passability of the vehicle.

How to choose the right wheel

Before choosing the ultra low-pressure tire wheel, you should check the technical characteristics of your own vehicle:

  • rim diameter;
  • tire width and diameter.

The choice also depends on the brand of a car. In our catalog you can find:

  • Low-pressure wheels for Niva
  • Large low-pressure wheels for UAZ and GAZ 66
  • All-terrain wheels for UAZ Patriot


Wheels for all-terrain vehicles allow you to overcome the most difficult road conditions - mountain trails, the slush during the spring thaw, snowy forest roads. These tires are used by Russian MES, geologists and oil workers during off-season conditions - to travel on wet clay roads and dirt. Low-pressure units on an all-terrain vehicle show high rates of passability when driving along marshy plains and snowy tundra. The increased radius allows you to overcome forest roads, deep snow and water obstacles.

The “rip-off tires” and their factory analogues have a special design that prevents turning due to the tight and reliable connection between the wheel rim and the tire. Due to its low pressure, the tire literally envelops all obstacles, providing a high level of traction and reducing the chance of wheel damage. Tires on swamp vehicle provide high floatability to the car and have a special self-cleaning tread.

The Lineup

In our store you can buy the swamp vehicle low-pressure M-TRIM and X-TRIM wheels produced by the leading manufacturer AVTOROS. Their price depends on the diameter of the tire, the number of layers and the assembly (with or without a disk). Many fans of fishing, hunting and extreme travel are convinced of the need to buy low-pressure tires. To buy your own unit, you can make an order in our online shop or make a call to our sales department.

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