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The absolute permeability!

If you need to buy disks for low-pressure tires, “Avtoros” will help you quickly and efficiently. Our company, which has been in the automotive products manufacturing market for more than 12 years, has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of super-powerful all-terrain vehicles “SHAMAN” and “MYL”, as well as lasting and reliable components for them.

Applications of low-pressure disks

Disks for low-pressure tires, which are manufactured by ”Avtoros”, are suitable not only for all-terrain vehicles of our production. They have been tested for other similar factory vehicles, serial SUVs, and can also be installed on home-made large-sized cars.

Our products are ideal for vehicles that are mainly used in off-road conditions, in swampy and snowy areas with the possibility of crossing water obstacles, as well as for agricultural work.

Our products are light in weight and are made with extremely precise geometric accuracy. These factors are very important for models that are used on sports cars.

Today our company manufactures and sells “Avtoros” aluminum disks that fit any ultra low-pressure tires.

Our products:

  • Disks for UAZ mud tires ;
  • Disks for low-pressure all-terrain vehicles;
  • Disks for GAZ 66 “rip-off” tires;
  • UAZ off-road disks;
  • Chevrolet Niva off-road disks etc.

Advantages of cooperation with ”Avtoros”

We design and produce disks for use in extreme and specific conditions, and they have some indisputable characteristics:

  • optimal price;
  • high level of durability, impeccable reliability;
  • maintainability;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • high technical characteristics;
  • variety of textures.

The lowest possible price and the highest possible quality - are the priority features of Avtoros products.

It is extremely simple to order our discs: just fill in the order form on our site. Company employees will contact you in no time and give you a profound consultation to help you to choose the right model.

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