How to order all-terrain vehicles SHAMAN and MYL

  1. Choosing the all-terrain vehicle equipment

    There are three ways to choose the right equipment for any kind of the all-terrain vehicles:

  2. Drawing up a contract and prepayment.

    When the additional options are selected and the cost of the equipment of the snow and swamp vehicle is determined, the legal department draws up a contract that sets out the technical specifications, additional options, delivery time, payment procedure, warranty obligations. When the contract is signed by both parties and prepayment is made, then the all-terrain vehicle in the selected configuration is assigned to the customer.

  3. Handing an all-terrain vehicle and the documents to the customer.

    After notification of readiness, the customer accepts the all-terrain vehicle and pays the remaining amount. Further, the snow and swamp vehicle on its own wheels or by a transport company is shipped to the customer to its new place of operation.

    A package of documents is handed to the customer: PSM (Passport of a self-propelled vehicle), a certified copy of the certificate, an instruction manual, closing accounting documents, an additional copy of the contract and certificate for registration of equipment in Gostekhnadzor.

“AVTOROS” works both with the companies and with individuals.

Companies can purchase all-terrain vehicles AVTOROS on lease. The lease term is from 12 to 48 months, the advance payment is: 49%.

You can find the detailed information on the conditions of the acquisition on the Leasing page or in the sales department by the phone numbers above.

Payment when ordering low-pressure tires, disks, accessories in our online store

There are two ways to pay for your order.

  1. Cash upon delivery (for individuals).

    This payment option is valid only for delivery in Moscow, Tver, or for pickup from the warehouse of AVTOROS: 171272, Tver Region, Novozavidovsky uts, Nekrasova street, b.3a.

    To pay in cash, inform the manager about the payment method when placing an order. During shipment, an employee of the company will hand you the following accounting documents: invoice, waybill. Payment in cash is made only in Russian rubles and in accordance with the price indicated on the invoice.

  2. By bank transfer (for individuals and companies).

    For this type of payment, you will be automatically redirected to the PayU processing center payment form to enter your bank card details.

    All data that you entered on the PayU processing center payment form is fully protected in accordance with the requirements of the PCI DSS security standard. We receive information only about your payment.

    An email will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by you when processing the payment. Immediately after making the payment, you will be redirected back to our website. It can take the payment information from 5 seconds to several minutes to reach us.

    In case, when, in your opinion, there was a delay in processing the order, you need to contact us by e-mail:

The order is shipped after the funds have been credited to the account of “AUTOROS”.

Receiving an order

For individuals:

To receive your order you must present a passport. During shipment, an employee of the company will hand you the following accounting documents: a bill, an invoice, and a consignment note.

For companies:

You will have to provide a letter of attorney or put a round stamp of your organization on the consignment note. All documents required for accounting (the original bill, invoice, a consignment note) are handed along with the order during the shipment.